Celebration of Darwin's birthday

The HUMANISTS of MURCIA celebrated Charles Darwin's 210th birthday on Tuesday 12th February 2019 at Cat's Bar, Camposol. 25 people attended and enjoyed an excellent presentation by Geoff Tate, who told of Charles Darwin's exploration of the Galapagos Islands - which lead to his evolution theory.


Humanists Darwins birthday 1

Geoff then expanded on this with slides taken on his own trips to the Islands, showing some of the amazing wildlife and geological features to be found there.

The company then moved on to Piccolo's restaurant, where even though full from an excellent lunch, people still managed to fill that extra bit of stomach space Homo Sapiens has evolved for special occasions, with birthday cake following a fine rendition of Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!

humanists Darwins birthday 3

Darwinian Gardeners February 2019

On February 1st, we took a guided tour of some of the sights of Lorca. We learnt about the history of the walls which surrounded the city, then walked to the Colegiato de San Patricio. Carlos, our excellent guide explained why this church is not a cathedral, although when it was built, it was intended to be one. Interestingly, the earthquake in 2011 uncovered many paintings and much that was previously unknown about the church.

We then visited the museum of the Paso Azul where we were lucky to see the embroiderers at work.

We had supper at the Mercado del Sol. The food, when it eventually came, was very good but our large group seemed to overwhelm the staff.

humanists darwinian gardeners

Water in the Fountain 2019

 Fountain San Juan1

For the first time in five years the fountain in San Juan de Terreros with no water, had water in it. Twenty-three walkers set off with a smile for the hills close by Pulpi. After a small false start, the group headed up an "animal track” on a steep narrow, rough trail. Joan was not happy.

Everyone got safely to the top where there was a wide track, still rough, but with great views. All was going well until the leaders took a right hand fork and a "nice man" beside a car with a partridge in a cage said that if the people continued down that path they would be “shot”. The hunters had posted a sign in Pulpi Town Hall but they had not advised Mike & Mike about the hunt. A pity as the redirected walk was shortened by 30 minutes. It meant that the crowd would have to resort to the bar until the meal was ready.

Jan2019 Walk1

Despite there not being any entremeses, the meal was generally enjoyed by everyone. And 37 roundabouts later (31 in Almeria) the Northern contingent made it back to Murcia.

The next walk will include a cemetery, another shooting range (clay pigeon) and wide smooth tracks and entremeses.

December 2018 & January 2019

The Club´s activities continued unabated during December and January although with lower attendances due to a lot of people being on holiday over the Christmas period.

We have enjoyed two Games Evenings, one in December and one in January, and for the Winter Solstice there was a walking treasure hunt followed by lunch at Isla Plana.

The Club celebrated its AGM on 12th January at the restuarant Sienna in Mazarron where the present committee were re-elected and this was followed, as always, by lunch.

December 2018 Walk

An unprecedented 15 people arrived from San Juan de Terreros and some of them even had stick(s) as they had been told. Another 10 were from Murcia and most of them did not have sticks either.

RomanQuay Small

The first ascent, up the hills behind Bolnuevo. had the less fit blowing hard, but the walk soon levelled out and the straggling crowd made it to the first stop. The walkers then split and Joan, Walk Leader, led those aforementioned on the low road to the Ave Maria shrine and Deputy Jon took the rest on a taxing climb and descent.

After another rest the group set off via the old Danish site hut and down the valley to another choice. The fitter lot went off to the Roman Quay while the remainder meandered along the main track. The second group enjoyed their cliff top track and the women had the added bonus of spying on a scantily clad swimmer (naked).

The lunch was in Restaurante Rincon and was enjoyed by all and included 7 additional Humanists. Free drinks at the end rounded off the afternoon nicely. Thanks to Danni and his gang.


Humanists Remembrance Day

IMG 20181111 105424


About 20 people attended the fourth annual Remembrance ceremony at Parque Miguel Angel Blanco, in Mazarrón on Sunday 11th November 2018.

The ceremony was led by our Celebrant, Sue Macdonald and various others read poems and scripts. At the culmination a wreath was laid by our Chairperson Anne Edwards, at the cherry tree planted 4 years ago by the Humanists of Murcia

After the ceremony the group repaired to the Costa resturant in Mazarrón for refreshments.



Between 1030 and 1130am on 23rd September 2018, fifty-five people in fifteen cars left La Proa restaurant on an exciting adventure. Over the next three hours and covering over 50 kilometres, they were challenged to solve over a hundred clues and recognise ten special features from photographs.

the start a

The course climbed the mountain at Valdelentisco and down into Las Palas then on to La Pinilla and up to Cuevas de Reyllo. Then in Fuente Alamo some considerable confusion was caused by a temporary diversion barrier across the planned route! Some, skillfully, diverted and picked up the clues further up the course while others, cunningly, walked a few hundred metres to discover the missing clues.

Just a few stragglers, determined to solve every single clue, kept the hunters waiting a little while but most had arrived at the destination in time to start on the magnificent lunch provided by Maria at La Gran Ventica, Las Palas at the appointed hour. The adjudicating team worked frantically to determine the results which were announced as the starters were served. Hampers of goodies were
dished out as prizes and everyone was happy, even the losing team who received a box of tissues each to cry into on the way home. All went away in good spirits having had a demanding but enjoyable day.

The event was organised on behalf of The Humanists of Murcia by members Margaret & Deryck Davison who had travelled the route many times in the preceeding weeks perfecting the challenge. Just about half of the participants were already members of the humanist group and at the end of the day, many of the visitors were expressing interest in the group’s beliefs and activities.the lunch b

Humanists are non-religious people who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. Locally, The Humanists of Murcia, have regular programmes in their walking, gardening, philosophy and discussion groups. They use the solstices and equinoxes as a good excuse for a celebration in addition to many informal get-togethers such as summer lunches or games afternoons. For details of local meetings and events visit https://humanistsofmurcia.com and for more general information on Humanism see https://humanism.org.uk 

Are you a Humanist ?

This is a more or less serious set of questions designed to help you think about whether you are committed to a religious view of the world and how this affects your moral beliefs. However many people have a fairly mixed collection of beliefs, and few are completely consistent, so it is possible that none of the profiles below truly reflects your world view. But they do give an indication of what most humanists believe – and don't believe.

Which of the following statements is closest to your point of view? (You can choose more than one answer to each question if you need to)

1 Does God exist?

A) I am sure there is a God ruling over the universe.
B) It depends what you mean by God, but I think so
C) I don't know.
D)There is no evidence that any God exists so I'll assume that there isn't one..

2 When I die …

A) My soul will go to another place where I will be rewarded if I was good and punished if I was bad.
B) I will survive in some kind of afterlife
C ) That will be an end of me.
D)I will live on in peoples memories of me, or because of the work I have done, or in people's memories of me.

3 How did the Universe begin?

A) God created it
B) It was set up by extremely intelligent aliens from another universe, who drop in every now and again to see how we;re doing
C) I don't know.
D) The scientific explanations are the best ones available, no gods were involved.

4 The theory that life on earth evolved gradually over millions of years is..

A) Just a theory. My religion tells me the true story
B) Likely to be true, but I think my God had a part in it too.
C) Probably true, because my science teacher said it was true.
D) True, there is plenty of evidence from fossils, DNA and other sources, showing that this is how it happened.

5 When I look at a beautiful view I think that ….....

A) it must have been designed by God
B) it would be a nice place for a motorway.
C) this is what life is all about – I feel good.
D) we ought to do everything possible to protect ths for future generations.

6 I can tell right from wrong by...........

A) reading a holy book or listening to a religious leader
B) I don't really think about it much, people should just do as they like
C) accepting what my parents and teachers say.
D) thinking hard about the probable consequences actions and their effects on other people

7 Its best to be honest because ….....

A) my religion tells me so.
B) it's usually against the law or the rules to be dishonest.
C) people respect you more if you're trustworthy
D) I'm happier and feel better about myself if I'm honest.

8 Other people matter and should be treated with respect because.........

A) God created us all in his own image.
B) they are useful to me
C) they are people with feelings like mine
D) we will all be happier if we treat each other well.

9 Animals should be treated..........

A)with respect because they are part of God's creation.
B) however we see fit – they don't have souls and were created for us to use.
C) kindly because they are sweet and fluffy and nicer than people.
D) with respect because they can suffer too.

10 The most important thing in life is.......

A) to have a good relationship with God.
B) to make lots of money.
C) to preserve the planet for future generations.
D) to increase the general happiness and welfare of humanity.

Interpreting Your Answers

This is a more or less serious set of questions designed to help you think about whether you are committed to a religious view of the world and how this affects your moral beliefs. However many people have a fairly mixed collection of beliefs, and few are completely consistent, so it is possible that none of the profiles below truly reflects your world view. But they do give an indication of what most humanists believe – and don't believe.

All or mostly A's You definitely have a religious faith and Humanism is not for you, though you may agree with humanists on some issues, especially if you collected a few C's and D's.

All or mostly B's You may have some religious beliefs, or you might still be exploring ideas and not made up your mind. Some of your choices are not very ethical – so you're unlikely to be a humanist.

All or mostly C's Your answers are fairly neutral, perhaps a bit dependent on authority or other people,or pure emotion. Humanists try to think, and to think for themselves. You may be an agnostic, or a humanist, or vaguely religious, depending on your other answers.

All or mostly D's You are a humanist or very close to humanist thinking. Many people are, often without even knowing it! Humanists don't agree about everything, and you may have collected some other answers too, though if they include A's and B's you're unlikely to be a humanist.