Boxing Day Walk 2017


Seventeen guilty people met at Oasis in Bolnuevo to walk off the extra pounds (kgs) that they had consumed over the weekend. They followed the coast towards Percheles, negotiating the new barriers erected by the Agente Ambiente and arrived at the Roman Quay to discover no French woman in a cave and the parking area planted with palm trees. The Agente have been busy.

The party split with everyone, bar Jon, Liam and Mike (?), heading for the main track while the aforementioned 3 took to the beach and the cliffs.


At the “bullfighter’s plot”, they separated again while Jan, Audrey (!!), Mike and Allan, ambled back along the coast, the rest set off up the valley. The weather was fantastic and the views stunning.

Liam took the high road and the group took the low road but they all ended up at Restaurante Las Redes on the Bolnuevo Paseo. They were joined by the President, the Hon. Secretary and a well known local gardener, painter and music aficionado.

Great food, different from the norm for a menu del dia. It would have been nicer if they had been a little more generous with the drinks but overall a new and interesting venue.

Winter Sostice Celebration

In celebration of the passing of the shortest day of the year, and the start of the journey back towards longer summer days, we held a “Pot Luck Lunch” at Cortijo Raja, Morata. Luckily the weather was excellent and we were able to dine Al fresco.




The group included members, family and friends, and the large selection of festive fare which they brought provided an ample lunch for all.

Ruma´s general knowledge quiz provided some exercise for the brain after the meal.

Nearly Last December Walk 2017


Rick & Carole did two recces for this walk just north of Totana.

The drought and pine tree disease have caused havoc in the rambla. They had to make 2 or 3 minor changes, one of them being the start. Everyone had to drive 500m to a new starting point.


Twenty-three walkers set off and were soon witnessing the chaos in the rambla. The party spilt after emerging into the clear air and the majority went up the steep track, while the sensible took to the road.

On reaching La Santa, some walkers refilled their bottles with holy water while waiting for everyone to arrive including Peter & Debbie.

There was a pit stop at the bar at the top of the hill. Jon told of the history of St Eulalia. He got his dates wrong and only later research came up with a second saint with a similar story but based in Barcelona in AD 304. Take your pick.

It was a quick descent and into Restaurante La Cruz for lunch which although a little lacking in choice, produced interesting food.


Isla Plana Walk 9th December 2017

Isla Plana Walk 1


The weather was almost perfect, I say "almost" as was still a bit on the warm side after a while, but there were a few organised breaks on route, including a stop at the "Cantina" so the arrangements lived up to the description of an "Easy walk". It was a lovely highly scenic route and perfectly led and timed by Audrey, thanked by all for doing so.

Despite questions raised by a small number the meal at La Meson in Isla Plana was excellent and truly terrific value at €12 for a 5 course meal on a holiday Saturday. It was a great gathering and lively conversation to the point where due to the noise Jon struggled to deliver his message regarding the more challenging walk next Saturday 16th December.

Humanists of Murcia Remembrance Day Event 2017


Remembrance Day 2017 Speakers


The third annual act of remembrance took place on Saturday November the Parque Miguel Angel Blanco in Mazarron. This park is a memorial to Miguel Angel Blanco, who was a local politician in the Basque Country, whose murder by terrorists in 1997 caused an outcry, and even caused some ETA members and supporters to rethink their violent campaigns. It is therefore particularly fitting that our commemoration should take place there.
The Act of Remembrance was led by the group´s celebrant, Sue McDonald, and four members gave their reflections on war and our reactions to it, or read appropriate poems.
The two minute´s silence was followed by the laying of a wreath at the base of our commemorative cherry tree with it´s memorial stone.
The morning was rounded off by coffee and cakes at the Calle Delicias cafe


Darwinian Gardeners Bodega Visit

On Saturday 30th September a group of 30 took a coach to the Hondon Valley to visit the Bodegas Cerdá.

After a brief wander around their well-stocked shop we gathered around Carolina to hear all about the winery. It was founded in 1885 by Carolina’s great grandfather, and now 4 generations later it is the most important Bodega in the Valencian Communidad.

We started on the ground floor where white wine is stored and fermented huge stainless steel vats. Then we went underground to the cellars where we saw the French and American oak barrels which are used for the red wines.

Darwinian 1

Carolina explained patiently the terminologies; Roble, Cosecha, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva and also the various grape varieties which they use.

We then went back upstairs to their lovely courtyard where tables for a tapas lunch and wine tasting were laid up, under a giant palm tree. We tasted a white; Chardonnay for the men and a fruity white wine for the women, then a cava – brut for both sexes, then a red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon for the women and Syrah Crianza for the men. The tasting was completed with a shot of Pedro Ximénez, a sweet liquor, which some liked and some didn’t.

We then moved into the shop for more tasting and buying the wines which we liked. A particular bargain was a 3 litre organic red wine box for €8, though sadly we couldn’t taste it.
Our purchases completed we strolled into the village of Hondon de las Nieves where we found a nice café for a little more to eat and drink, before boarding the coach for home.

First Easy Walk of 2017 Autumn Season


Totana was the venue for the first Easy Walk of the season, and sadly, was to be the final walk for John and Rhian, founder members of Humanists of Murcia, as they are off to pastures new.

With Rick taking the lead, a group of 27 walkers set off alongside the canal, and then followed a gently undulating route through open countryside, huertas and hamlets, being frequently rewarded with panoramic views of the Espuna foothills.

During lunch, Joan spoke on our behalf, thanking John and Rhian for their many years of hard work and dedication in promoting the aims of the Group and the profile of Humanism.

In reply, John said that teamwork and the collective efforts of many individuals had been key to the success of the venture.

We will miss them both, and wish them well for the future.

First Games Evening

IMG 20170927 174641





The first games evening of the 2017 Autumn season was held on Wednesday 27th September at Anne Busche´s house at La Majada.

Several members and their friends attended and enjoyed an evening playing RummyCub, Mexican Train and Triangular Dominoes.

The next Games Evening is planned for Wednesday 25th October at El Puente Restaurant, La Majada. See "What´s On" on our website for more details.








Autumn Equinox Celebration

A high quality old fashioned afternoon tea was the focus of our equinox celebration.

IMG 20170925 133147


Dainty sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, croissants and delightful little cakes were all served on elegant English china, transporting the lucky participants to another time and place, as well as amply satisfying their appetites.

Pleasant surroundings and plenty of opportunity to chat with friends old and new provided a thoroughly relaxing afternoon.





IMG 20170923 1747592 2


The next events on our calendar, at which you will be very welcome, are the Darwinian gardeners trip to Bodegas Cerdas at Hondon on Saturday Sept. 30th, the first easy walk of the new season at Totana, and the Philosophy group meeting on October 10th. For further details please contact us via the website Humanists of



If you would like to arrange a non religious funeral, wedding or naming ceremony, you can contact us via the website, or speak directly to our humanist celebrant on 634025711

First Walk of the Season 2017

Twenty-six walkers arrived at the Social Club at Isla Plana to walk to La Azohia and back. There were 3 new people, Pat, John W (not Wisner) and Carmen from The Puerto. Paco & Buddy were late.

The forecast of rain did not materialise and so it was a pleasant 3-hour stroll. Jon phoned Mike B to stop, whenever the procession got too long, controlled a steady pace. The Torre Santa Elena was open for a change and the brave climbed the winding stairs. The return leg stretched out but everyone managed to enter Restaurante Juan Chara before 2 pm.

A good meal was had by all, served by friendly faces. Only 12€ including tip. The next walk will be on Saturday, 14 October at San Juan de Terreros and will also follow the coast.

Summer Solstice Celebration


Solstice 2017 1





The shade under the trees at Bolnuevo beach once again provided the venue for our celebration of the summer solstice. As usual, food took centre stage, with various salads provided by those attending to accompany roast chicken, and several dishes for the non meat eaters, followed by trifles, apple crumble, several kinds of cake, and the biggest fruit salad in the world.








Solstice 2017 2





Despite having eaten more than an elegant sufficiency, the evening continued with the petanca and Jenga tournaments. The hero of the hour was Tom, who managed to be a finalist in both competitions, which drew to a close as the sun went down, as it must, even on the longest day of the year.






HoM Attend International Mortals Meeting at Ontinyent


On Saturday 27th May a group of Humanists of Murcia travelled to Ontinyent (Valencia) to attend the International Mortals meeting organised by Manel Salado of Associació per a l'Humanisme.


Mortals Meeting Ontiniente


The event was organised by fellow humanist Manel Salido, who has recently founded a group in Ontinyent. He is very pro active and intends to set up an umbrella group for humanists and other free thinkers,sceptics, secularists and rationalists in Spain. It appeared that apart from ourselves and Manel´s group, all the others represented campaigning groups.

Speaking at the meeting were our founder, John Blakey and President, Anne Edwards who spoke about how our club originated and developed to the present day. We also heard addresses from the following organisations:

IHEU, Internatinonal Humanist Ethical Union: Giovanni Gaetani, Based in London in the same building as Humanists UK
EHF, European Humanist Federation. Marc Soignet. Based in Brussels
València Laica, Raquel Ortiz      Part of the international movement to separate church and state
UAL, Unón de Ateos y Librepensadores, Albert Riba
AVALL, Associació Valenciana d’Ateus i Lliurepensadors, Marc Cabanilles
Escépticos en el pub, Valencia, José Blanca   Promote university level scientific debate at meetings in Pubs.
ARP, Sociedad para el Avance del Pensamiento Crítico, Jesús López Amigo

Following the addresses the meeting evolved into a lively floor discussion in which all were invited to participate .It was quite thought provoking, inasmuch as freedoms and attitudes which we as British people take for granted are much more contoversial in other societies-

The meeting wound up with food and a pop concert, and on Sunday the more energetic amongst us were taken on a very interesting walk near the village of Bocairent, where they afterwards joined the more leisurely types for an excellent lunch.



Are you a Humanist ?

This is a more or less serious set of questions designed to help you think about whether you are committed to a religious view of the world and how this affects your moral beliefs. However many people have a fairly mixed collection of beliefs, and few are completely consistent, so it is possible that none of the profiles below truly reflects your world view. But they do give an indication of what most humanists believe – and don't believe.

Which of the following statements is closest to your point of view? (You can choose more than one answer to each question if you need to)

1 Does God exist?

A) I am sure there is a God ruling over the universe.
B) It depends what you mean by God, but I think so
C) I don't know.
D)There is no evidence that any God exists so I'll assume that there isn't one..

2 When I die …

A) My soul will go to another place where I will be rewarded if I was good and punished if I was bad.
B) I will survive in some kind of afterlife
C ) That will be an end of me.
D)I will live on in peoples memories of me, or because of the work I have done, or in people's memories of me.

3 How did the Universe begin?

A) God created it
B) It was set up by extremely intelligent aliens from another universe, who drop in every now and again to see how we;re doing
C) I don't know.
D) The scientific explanations are the best ones available, no gods were involved.

4 The theory that life on earth evolved gradually over millions of years is..

A) Just a theory. My religion tells me the true story
B) Likely to be true, but I think my God had a part in it too.
C) Probably true, because my science teacher said it was true.
D) True, there is plenty of evidence from fossils, DNA and other sources, showing that this is how it happened.

5 When I look at a beautiful view I think that ….....

A) it must have been designed by God
B) it would be a nice place for a motorway.
C) this is what life is all about – I feel good.
D) we ought to do everything possible to protect ths for future generations.

6 I can tell right from wrong by...........

A) reading a holy book or listening to a religious leader
B) I don't really think about it much, people should just do as they like
C) accepting what my parents and teachers say.
D) thinking hard about the probable consequences actions and their effects on other people

7 Its best to be honest because ….....

A) my religion tells me so.
B) it's usually against the law or the rules to be dishonest.
C) people respect you more if you're trustworthy
D) I'm happier and feel better about myself if I'm honest.

8 Other people matter and should be treated with respect because.........

A) God created us all in his own image.
B) they are useful to me
C) they are people with feelings like mine
D) we will all be happier if we treat each other well.

9 Animals should be treated..........

A)with respect because they are part of God's creation.
B) however we see fit – they don't have souls and were created for us to use.
C) kindly because they are sweet and fluffy and nicer than people.
D) with respect because they can suffer too.

10 The most important thing in life is.......

A) to have a good relationship with God.
B) to make lots of money.
C) to preserve the planet for future generations.
D) to increase the general happiness and welfare of humanity.

Interpreting Your Answers

This is a more or less serious set of questions designed to help you think about whether you are committed to a religious view of the world and how this affects your moral beliefs. However many people have a fairly mixed collection of beliefs, and few are completely consistent, so it is possible that none of the profiles below truly reflects your world view. But they do give an indication of what most humanists believe – and don't believe.

All or mostly A's You definitely have a religious faith and Humanism is not for you, though you may agree with humanists on some issues, especially if you collected a few C's and D's.

All or mostly B's You may have some religious beliefs, or you might still be exploring ideas and not made up your mind. Some of your choices are not very ethical – so you're unlikely to be a humanist.

All or mostly C's Your answers are fairly neutral, perhaps a bit dependent on authority or other people,or pure emotion. Humanists try to think, and to think for themselves. You may be an agnostic, or a humanist, or vaguely religious, depending on your other answers.

All or mostly D's You are a humanist or very close to humanist thinking. Many people are, often without even knowing it! Humanists don't agree about everything, and you may have collected some other answers too, though if they include A's and B's you're unlikely to be a humanist.