Humanists of Murcia

As humanists we believe that we have only one life and that we need to make the most of it. We aim to live a good and fulfilling life thinking things through to achieve a meaningful life for ourselves, others and the environment.

We need to look for evidence and experience rather than follow accepted rules or superstitions.

We aim to make meaning of life without god. Using reason experience and shared human values.

We rely on our common humanity to live good lives and to co-operate with others.


Who are we ?

We are affiliated to the Humanists UK and are based in Spain. We were formed in April 2010.

We live in a beautiful area of Spain and initially based our meetings on monthly walks. Now we have two walking groups, one of shorter duration to the other and with easier terrain.

The philosophy group  meets about every 6 weeks and tries to make sense of the world as it is and man´s place within it.

The Discussion group meet quarterly with the aim of improving our knowledge of Humanism.  

Both Solstices and Equinoxes are celebrated. Charles Darwin´s birthday is a must with lunch and a presentation.

In 2013 we attended the local remembrance ceremony and in 2014 we were included in the actual service. In 2015 we established our own remembrance ceremony, planted a tree with a plaque to establish a permanent place for future years.

The Darwinian Gardeners was formed in 2011and now has a mailing list of over 100.

One of our members, who is a trained councelor provides a Celebrant Service.

All activities except for the Philosophy Group are followed by lunch.

Visitors are welcome and can contact us via Contacts on this website

A full programme of events and activities can be seen on the What´s On page on this website