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March Games Evenings

The Humanists of Murcia, guests and friends enjoyed Games Evenings on two occasions during February and March; one at Anne and Martin´s house at Puerto de Muriel and more recently at Annie Busch´s house at La Majada. 

games evening

Games of Rummi Cub and Mexican Train proved to be ever popular as well as some card games such as whist.

Darwin Day 2017

On 11th February, the threat of rain in the Espunas was enough to persuade the Easy Rambling group to postpone their planned walk. No one likes to walk in soggy boots, right? Anyway, the inclement weather did not put a damper on the annual Darwin Day celebrations (a day early this year), and 16 Humanists sat down to a delicious lunch at Restaurante El Mandola, near Aledo.

Darwin Day CakeAfter postre, Annie Busch gave us a fascinating talk on Charles Darwin's epic voyage of discovery aboard The Beagle 1831-36. Darwin was not a good sailor, but once on land he spent his time observing animals, birds and insects, whilst amassing huge collections of specimens, which he studied in minute detail. In Brazil, he encountered the evils of slavery and was shocked by the callous actions of a plantation owner who sold off members of a family to different buyers, with no more compassion than if they had been livestock.

After a short pause for coffee, in came the cake. Not quite big enough for 208 candles, we made do with a representation instead.

This was followed by a somewhat unorthodox version of Pass the Parcel, involving a straw hat, false beard, and a pair of oven mitts; the winner receiving a small fossil. All good fun!





January 2017 Games Evening

A small group of Humanists and friends celebrated the first Games Evening of 2017 on 25th January, at the home of Audrey Berry in La Majada. The usual favourites of Mexican Train and Rummi Cub proved as popular as ever, as well as Cribbage and other card games.

Refreshments were provided by Audrey and other members and were up to the usual high standard.


Annual Winter Solstice Celebration

The Solstice this year was celebrated by 33 people at the Avenida restaurant in Puerto. The day began with coffee and chat, soon followed by the start of proceedings proper, the quiz, devised and hosted by member Deryck Davison and his little elf helper, score keeper (and wife), Margaret.

We were seriously impressed by the level of preparation undertaken, with high quality score sheets, three separate picture rounds, each in it´s own beautifully decorated differently coloured envelope, and a very smart Joker card , for each team. Clearly a quiz of quality.

So the first round was general knowledge, which lulled us into a false sense of security, as all teams scored quite highly. We were soon disabused, as we undertook sections which seemed to most of us to be of ever increasing difficulty. More coffee and toast at the halfway point helped to sustain us.

This was also the time for explanations of our sun related gifts of food and toiletries for the GoMad charity. The winner of the prize, for the most ingenious explanation of how his gift was related to the sun, received a bottle of Anis El Mono, which has connections to Charles Darwin. All good humanist fun.

Our celebrations concluded with a good lunch, as they usually do, and well deserved thanks to Deryck and Margaret for a really good day