April 2018 Walk

Nine walkers from San Juan, 4 from Totana, 2 from Lorca, 2 from Camposol, 2 from Bolnuevo, 1 from the Puerto and a dog set off from Los Puertos de Santa Barbara, near Tallante, for a 3 hour walk in the campo. The leader was Audrey who kept the group together while setting a good pace. Beautiful Murcia scenery, unique plants, old carob trees and a few fincas with big dogs and a lot of chat.


Lunch was held at La Gran Ventica in Las Palas where the hosts provided a vast quantity of great food. Will definitely return when the dieting programme kicks in.


















January Walk 2018

The walk started from Los Lobos and went gently up a rambla. And then the 16 walkers found themselves in a gully, a narrow gully, and a cliff face! The two Mikes kept that one quiet! No footholds, no handholds and half of it smooth.

The women had to be helped up and Paco did not take kindly to Mike B's assistance and slid down the smooth side of the enormous cliff.

The rest of the walk was incident free. No cast member fell (pushed?) down any mine shafts and the views were spectacular.

The lunch took place at La Venta, so no Belgian stew. Good service, good food and only 13€ including a generous tip. The acoustics were not good, so a discussion of changing the day of the Almeria walk was carried over to the next time.


Boxing Day Walk 2018


Seventeen guilty people met at Oasis in Bolnuevo to walk off the extra pounds (kgs) that they had consumed over the weekend. They followed the coast towards Percheles, negotiating the new barriers erected by the Agente Ambiente and arrived at the Roman Quay to discover no French woman in a cave and the parking area planted with palm trees. The Agente have been busy.

The party split with everyone, bar Jon, Liam and Mike (?), heading for the main track while the aforementioned 3 took to the beach and the cliffs.


At the “bullfighter’s plot”, they separated again while Jan, Audrey (!!), Mike and Allan, ambled back along the coast, the rest set off up the valley. The weather was fantastic and the views stunning.

Liam took the high road and the group took the low road but they all ended up at Restaurante Las Redes on the Bolnuevo Paseo. They were joined by the President, the Hon. Secretary and a well known local gardener, painter and music aficionado.

Great food, different from the norm for a menu del dia. It would have been nicer if they had been a little more generous with the drinks but overall a new and interesting venue.

Nearly Last December Walk 2017


Rick & Carole did two recces for this walk just north of Totana.

The drought and pine tree disease have caused havoc in the rambla. They had to make 2 or 3 minor changes, one of them being the start. Everyone had to drive 500m to a new starting point.


Twenty-three walkers set off and were soon witnessing the chaos in the rambla. The party spilt after emerging into the clear air and the majority went up the steep track, while the sensible took to the road.

On reaching La Santa, some walkers refilled their bottles with holy water while waiting for everyone to arrive including Peter & Debbie.

There was a pit stop at the bar at the top of the hill. Jon told of the history of St Eulalia. He got his dates wrong and only later research came up with a second saint with a similar story but based in Barcelona in AD 304. Take your pick.

It was a quick descent and into Restaurante La Cruz for lunch which although a little lacking in choice, produced interesting food.

Isla Plana Walk 9th December 2017


Isla Plana Walk 1

The weather was almost perfect, I say "almost" as was still a bit on the warm side after a while, but there were a few organised breaks on route, including a stop at the "Cantina" so the arrangements lived up to the description of an "Easy walk". It was a lovely highly scenic route and perfectly led and timed by Audrey, thanked by all for doing so.

Despite questions raised by a small number the meal at La Meson in Isla Plana was excellent and truly terrific value at €12 for a 5 course meal on a holiday Saturday. It was a great gathering and lively conversation to the point where due to the noise Jon struggled to deliver his message regarding the more challenging walk next Saturday 16th December.

First Easy Walk of 2017 Autumn Season

Totana was the venue for the first Easy Walk of the season, and sadly, was to be the final walk for John and Rhian, founder members of Humanists of Murcia, as they are off to pastures new.

With Rick taking the lead, a group of 27 walkers set off alongside the canal, and then followed a gently undulating route through open countryside, huertas and hamlets, being frequently rewarded with panoramic views of the Espuna foothills.

During lunch, Joan spoke on our behalf, thanking John and Rhian for their many years of hard work and dedication in promoting the aims of the Group and the profile of Humanism.

In reply, John said that teamwork and the collective efforts of many individuals had been key to the success of the venture.

We will miss them both, and wish them well for the future.

Humanists of Murcia Last Walk of the Season

Twenty-nine Humanists of Murcia walkers and friends set off from Restaurante Oasis along the coast to the Roman Quay. A quick chat with the woman in the cave and the return leg went inland and up the valley to the shrine of Carmen.

Despite the warm weather and with the help of the cooling Easterly wind, the group covered the 9 km in 3 hours and made it to the Bolnuevo playa in time for some cava and orange juice. Thanks to the Committee, Colette & John W and the San Juan Group for the drinks.

Jon announced that due to pressure from Facebook, there would be no more Fake News. Instead he had five Fake Awards to hand out.

Mouflon Award

Rolex Award to Paco & Buddy, Brexit Award to Mike B, Tom Tom Award to Pat & Jackie, Glorieta Award to Mike & Allan and a handshake to John W as Jon had forgotten to print out the Mouflon Award.

It took five minutes to walk down the beach to the Restaurante Rincon where 31 people enjoyed a great menu del dia for 13€ including speedy service and tasty food.

The next walk will be Saturday, 16 September 2017.