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Humanists of Murcia January 2020 Walk 


The walk took place just West of San Juan de Los Terreros. There were 31 people enjoying a walk along the paseo at Barriada El Pozo del Esparto before turning inland and making a loop back to the coast.

Despite the recent rains the tracks wer mainly dry and the flowers were creeping out from their wnter hibernation.


Humanists of Murcia October Walk

Grand total of six walkers and Paco set off from Bar Morales (a local bar and country shop on the D4, Leiva) for Coto Fortuna. It was a pleasant day with light winds and a sunny sky.

Oct2019Walk Coto Fortuna

The climb up to the ridge took 40 minutes where Joan, Sue, Ian and Paco headed off to the BBQ area while Jon, Paul (no Ringo nor George) and Jim went up to the fire watch tower where they had magnicient views to the coast. The tower had been painted, new railings installed and a bus stop erected.

The whole group had refreshments at BBQ area before settings off back to the cars. The walk took 3.25 hours and was 12 km long.

Lunch was at La Siena where they were joined by Anne, Martin and Michael and cost an enmorous sum of 10€ each.


Walkers February 2019

Date Smuggler’s Casa

After meeting up in Cañadas de Gallego the convoy of cars made its way to the coast, 2 km from Percheles beach. Twenty-six walkers walked up to the café/radar station/lookout point for a view over Percheles playa. It was a magnificent day.

The party split into 2 groups, one going up the main path and the other crossed the nudist beach (only 2 bodies) and along the mountainous coastal path. The views continued to be breath taking and no one slipped off the cliff perchelesJan2014into the Med.

The walkers joined up and followed the track to the aforementioned date smuggler's compound where Jon filled in the details of the history of the buildings.

The walk then started to meander back to the cars where, unfortunately, two of the older models had had their quarter-light windows smashed and a handbag and rucksack were missing.

On that sombre note, the party went to Los Cazadores restaurante for more disappointment.


The meal was a letdown and the cost too high. Jon will never hear the end of it.



Last Walk of the Season


 Last Walk 2019

It was a 10 km walk along the coast West of Bolnuevo, the traditional last walk of the season. Fine weather, not too hot with a sea breeze. Twelve from San Juan de Tereros and nine locals. There were no slow coaches although Buddy did go on strike at the 8km marker, however, he quickly recovered and the Blue Ambluance was not needed.


A few bottles of cava were on hand to quench the thrist of the group before everyone sat down on the terrace at Rincon. Desipte the back room being full, service was OK and the slight delay for the main course was mittigated by the “lemonfish”. This delight which was landed locally, may also have been a “black bonito” which had swum over from Africa.


Good company, no squabble about the bill and a few kind words from Widow Twankey ended the successful season. Roll on the Summer Lunches.

“The Guns Walk" April 2019


The walkers car shared up to “The Guns". There were 36 in total, the largest group of the season. A gentle descend took everyone to the seashore and along to a long long incline. After a short rest the walk continued up the side of the rambla. Beautiful scenery, lots of wild flowers and a narrow track headed inland.

Progress was slow and the restaurant was contacted to say the party would be an hour late. As the kitchens were closing at 15:30 hrs, this proved to be a race against the clock.

Campillo de Adentro was finally made and the cars collected.

The distance was 5.99 miles and the potential energy lost was 2222ft and the energy gained was 1793ft. (Hope everyone did Maths O Level?).

The menu del dia was in La Caleta, Puerto de Mazarron. The kitchen was still open when everyone arrived and the consensus was that the location was great next to the new marina and the food was much appreciated.

Spring Walk


Walk 22nd March

On March 22nd, a Friday for a change, a group of Humanists went walking in the beautiful countryside between Lorca and Águillas. It was a nice, 3 hour walk, gently uphill towards the Castillo de Chuecos. We passed a hermitage where the University of Murcia has an agriculture research area. They have fields of aloe vera under cultivation and some young fruit trees. We stopped for refreshments at the reservoir below the castle, and then walked back to our cars – there were no break-ins this time.


We then drove into Águillas where we had an excellent lunch in the Orient Restaurant.

Water in the Fountain 2019

 Fountain San Juan1

For the first time in five years the fountain in San Juan de Terreros with no water, had water in it. Twenty-three walkers set off with a smile for the hills close by Pulpi. After a small false start, the group headed up an "animal track” on a steep narrow, rough trail. Joan was not happy.

Everyone got safely to the top where there was a wide track, still rough, but with great views. All was going well until the leaders took a right hand fork and a "nice man" beside a car with a partridge in a cage said that if the people continued down that path they would be “shot”. The hunters had posted a sign in Pulpi Town Hall but they had not advised Mike & Mike about the hunt. A pity as the redirected walk was shortened by 30 minutes. It meant that the crowd would have to resort to the bar until the meal was ready.

Jan2019 Walk1

Despite there not being any entremeses, the meal was generally enjoyed by everyone. And 37 roundabouts later (31 in Almeria) the Northern contingent made it back to Murcia.

The next walk will include a cemetery, another shooting range (clay pigeon) and wide smooth tracks and entremeses.

December 2018 Walk

An unprecedented 15 people arrived from San Juan de Terreros and some of them even had stick(s) as they had been told. Another 10 were from Murcia and most of them did not have sticks either.

RomanQuay Small

The first ascent, up the hills behind Bolnuevo. had the less fit blowing hard, but the walk soon levelled out and the straggling crowd made it to the first stop. The walkers then split and Joan, Walk Leader, led those aforementioned on the low road to the Ave Maria shrine and Deputy Jon took the rest on a taxing climb and descent.

After another rest the group set off via the old Danish site hut and down the valley to another choice. The fitter lot went off to the Roman Quay while the remainder meandered along the main track. The second group enjoyed their cliff top track and the women had the added bonus of spying on a scantily clad swimmer (naked).

The lunch was in Restaurante Rincon and was enjoyed by all and included 7 additional Humanists. Free drinks at the end rounded off the afternoon nicely. Thanks to Danni and his gang.


Almeria Walk March 2018

Most people met at Meson Pepas on time, next to the fountain with no water. The drive to the start was uneventful, no convoys to negotiate, and the walk began with a fellow telling Mike L that we were all mad to go up the hill. The first stop was the crystal mine.

We were joined by Rog & Sue who had had problems with constipation (of their dog?). Angie lost her soul (Ed: should that not be sole?), some string was found by a basura and repairs were made. Interesting walk with historical details supplied by Mike B. Lovely goats on top of tree branches, a smelly sewerage farm, and to round it off a long hill.almeria walk a

Back to the Venta for lunch. Everyone liked the food, particularly the fish. Thanks to Mike & Mike.

Spring Equinox 2018

The walk began at Los Puertos, near Tallante, and headed around the neighbouring countryside. It followed a path with unique plants, old carob trees and a few fincas with big dogs.

Great views and ably led by Audrey. After 3 hours, the eight walkers drove to Gran Ventica Restaurante in Las Palas where they were joined by Deryck & Margaret and had a really good menu del dia for 11€.

GranVenticaLasPalas aAfter the meal, Annie handed a Spring Equinox Questionnaire with 12 of the most difficult questions

imaginable. Audrey won with 8 correct answers.







Easy Walk 10th March 2018Easy Walk 10th March

April 2018 Walk

Nine walkers from San Juan, 4 from Totana, 2 from Lorca, 2 from Camposol, 2 from Bolnuevo, 1 from the Puerto and a dog set off from Los Puertos de Santa Barbara, near Tallante, for a 3 hour walk in the campo. The leader was Audrey who kept the group together while setting a good pace. Beautiful Murcia scenery, unique plants, old carob trees and a few fincas with big dogs and a lot of chat.


Lunch was held at La Gran Ventica in Las Palas where the hosts provided a vast quantity of great food. Will definitely return when the dieting programme kicks in.


















January Walk 2018

The walk started from Los Lobos and went gently up a rambla. And then the 16 walkers found themselves in a gully, a narrow gully, and a cliff face! The two Mikes kept that one quiet! No footholds, no handholds and half of it smooth.

The women had to be helped up and Paco did not take kindly to Mike B's assistance and slid down the smooth side of the enormous cliff.

The rest of the walk was incident free. No cast member fell (pushed?) down any mine shafts and the views were spectacular.

The lunch took place at La Venta, so no Belgian stew. Good service, good food and only 13€ including a generous tip. The acoustics were not good, so a discussion of changing the day of the Almeria walk was carried over to the next time.


Boxing Day Walk 2018


Seventeen guilty people met at Oasis in Bolnuevo to walk off the extra pounds (kgs) that they had consumed over the weekend. They followed the coast towards Percheles, negotiating the new barriers erected by the Agente Ambiente and arrived at the Roman Quay to discover no French woman in a cave and the parking area planted with palm trees. The Agente have been busy.

The party split with everyone, bar Jon, Liam and Mike (?), heading for the main track while the aforementioned 3 took to the beach and the cliffs.


At the “bullfighter’s plot”, they separated again while Jan, Audrey (!!), Mike and Allan, ambled back along the coast, the rest set off up the valley. The weather was fantastic and the views stunning.

Liam took the high road and the group took the low road but they all ended up at Restaurante Las Redes on the Bolnuevo Paseo. They were joined by the President, the Hon. Secretary and a well known local gardener, painter and music aficionado.

Great food, different from the norm for a menu del dia. It would have been nicer if they had been a little more generous with the drinks but overall a new and interesting venue.

Nearly Last December Walk 2017


Rick & Carole did two recces for this walk just north of Totana.

The drought and pine tree disease have caused havoc in the rambla. They had to make 2 or 3 minor changes, one of them being the start. Everyone had to drive 500m to a new starting point.


Twenty-three walkers set off and were soon witnessing the chaos in the rambla. The party spilt after emerging into the clear air and the majority went up the steep track, while the sensible took to the road.

On reaching La Santa, some walkers refilled their bottles with holy water while waiting for everyone to arrive including Peter & Debbie.

There was a pit stop at the bar at the top of the hill. Jon told of the history of St Eulalia. He got his dates wrong and only later research came up with a second saint with a similar story but based in Barcelona in AD 304. Take your pick.

It was a quick descent and into Restaurante La Cruz for lunch which although a little lacking in choice, produced interesting food.

Isla Plana Walk 9th December 2017


Isla Plana Walk 1

The weather was almost perfect, I say "almost" as was still a bit on the warm side after a while, but there were a few organised breaks on route, including a stop at the "Cantina" so the arrangements lived up to the description of an "Easy walk". It was a lovely highly scenic route and perfectly led and timed by Audrey, thanked by all for doing so.

Despite questions raised by a small number the meal at La Meson in Isla Plana was excellent and truly terrific value at €12 for a 5 course meal on a holiday Saturday. It was a great gathering and lively conversation to the point where due to the noise Jon struggled to deliver his message regarding the more challenging walk next Saturday 16th December.

First Easy Walk of 2017 Autumn Season

Totana was the venue for the first Easy Walk of the season, and sadly, was to be the final walk for John and Rhian, founder members of Humanists of Murcia, as they are off to pastures new.

With Rick taking the lead, a group of 27 walkers set off alongside the canal, and then followed a gently undulating route through open countryside, huertas and hamlets, being frequently rewarded with panoramic views of the Espuna foothills.

During lunch, Joan spoke on our behalf, thanking John and Rhian for their many years of hard work and dedication in promoting the aims of the Group and the profile of Humanism.

In reply, John said that teamwork and the collective efforts of many individuals had been key to the success of the venture.

We will miss them both, and wish them well for the future.

Humanists of Murcia Last Walk of the Season

Twenty-nine Humanists of Murcia walkers and friends set off from Restaurante Oasis along the coast to the Roman Quay. A quick chat with the woman in the cave and the return leg went inland and up the valley to the shrine of Carmen.

Despite the warm weather and with the help of the cooling Easterly wind, the group covered the 9 km in 3 hours and made it to the Bolnuevo playa in time for some cava and orange juice. Thanks to the Committee, Colette & John W and the San Juan Group for the drinks.

Jon announced that due to pressure from Facebook, there would be no more Fake News. Instead he had five Fake Awards to hand out.

Mouflon Award

Rolex Award to Paco & Buddy, Brexit Award to Mike B, Tom Tom Award to Pat & Jackie, Glorieta Award to Mike & Allan and a handshake to John W as Jon had forgotten to print out the Mouflon Award.

It took five minutes to walk down the beach to the Restaurante Rincon where 31 people enjoyed a great menu del dia for 13€ including speedy service and tasty food.

The next walk will be Saturday, 16 September 2017.

First Walk of the Season 2017

Twenty-six walkers arrived at the Social Club at Isla Plana to walk to La Azohia and back. There were 3 new people, Pat, John W (not Wisner) and Carmen from The Puerto. Paco & Buddy were late.

The forecast of rain did not materialise and so it was a pleasant 3-hour stroll. Jon phoned Mike B to stop, whenever the procession got too long, controlled a steady pace. The Torre Santa Elena was open for a change and the brave climbed the winding stairs.

The return leg stretched out but everyone managed to enter Restaurante Juan Chara before 2 pm.

A good meal was had by all, served by friendly faces. Only 12€ including tip. The next walk will be on Saturday, 14 October at San Juan de Terreros and will also follow the coast.


Almeria Walk - April 2017

Twenty-two walkers and 3 dogs arrived at Café Meson Pepa. Buddy & Paco claimed they were early but they had no time stamp verified by a San Juan magistrate. Mike and Mary were last.

Then the leaders drove off at breakneck speed, passing the fountain with no water, towards Pulpi. Luckily there were no German campervans convoys to disrupt the drive. After 20 roundabouts and a mountain, the start of the walk was in sight.Mirador1

The route followed a wide path littered with giant stones up a steep hill. Only 4 walkers slipped on the stones including the Welsh gentleman who fell “gracefully”, according to the Belgian lady (not Martine).

There was a great view from the mirador and lots of flowers (not as many as in Murcia) and Mike L found a tortoise for Jim to photograph.
He was moving faster than some of the walkers.

Honorary walker makes us all look fast

It was a good walk, good weather, great scenery, pleasant people and a lot of talking some of it interesting. “I carried 50 kilo across the Brecon Beacons”, “My load was 80 kilos and a rifle with no strap”, “I had 120 kilos on my back and I pull a howitzer with a rope between my teeth”. There were 10 from Murcia and 12 from Almeria.

The lunch was in the Belgian restaurante (no relation to either Martine or the Belgian lady). Usual stuff, everyone got what they ordered eventually due to the attention of Mike and Mary, although the wine supply was not overly generous. Thanks to Liam for supplementary supplies. The Scottish lady may have had a hangover on Sunday?

Final Easy Walk of the Season

On a perfect April morning, 15 members met up at El Saladillo Church and set off on the last Easy Walk of the season.

We took the motorway underpass and walked along the road to a ruined windmill.  Soon we were in the campo - so pretty with poppies!

saladillo 005

A long downhill took us towards the rambla, where several pairs of Stilts were noisily courting and nest building.

Returning by way of the Hot Springs, we observed the Saturday morning golfers trundling around the course in their buggies. Not nearly so elegant as those Stilts!

This delightful stroll in the campo was followed by lunch at La Siena in Mazarron.  Hope to see you all next season.

Humanists of Murcia March Walk


The Notorious (Noisy and Nice) Nine set off from La Siena towards the hills behind Mazarrón, only to stop at Mazarrón Cemetery for Joan to pop in and buy a niche. Under the autopista, AP-7, and the walk started in earnest. Three records were set on this walk. The fewest number of walkers, Paco and Buddy arriving 3 minutes early and Paco and Buddy LEADING the walk, oh, and the highest number of decibels (Ed: That’s four records?).

It was a beautiful day, the track climbed steadily upwards, but with flat sections to catch one’s breath, and the flowers were fantastic. The views weren’t bad either. Two hours and forty minutes later and the cars appeared at the top of the last incline. A frantic phone call to Barrie to let him know lunch would be early. Time for a cerveza before sitting down for lunch and Barrie and Jan screeched into the car park. Barrie broke the bank by paying 2.10€ for the toll.

La Siena filled plate after plate with salad, entremeses (Great Manchego) and strange croquetas. The owner kept saying “No tenemos prizas” and “Tranquila”, so we stayed until 10 pm. They even served chupitos, all for 12€.

Serious Walkers - January Walk

There were 24 walkers when “The Roundabout Kings” (Mike & Allan) finally joined the group just off the main Aguilas to Lorca road. The board track meandered its way up into the hills passed a scattering of large private houses and friendly packs of dogs.

At the top of the climb, there were spectacular views down the coast, but the walkers did not stay long as the wind was icy. The walk continued on and down through an area that had been a reserve but had been bulldozed flat. A water hole for animals was half filled in.

A good walk in a new area, thanks to Mike². Then it was back to Venta San Felipe for a different kind of lunch. No choice. Great salad which is not always the case these days, chicken noodle soup, pork or chicken, (Joan said Jim ate all the pork?), not enough fried fish and, at last, a choice of puddings. All for 10€. Oh yes, Mary and the Septic Tanks arrived for lunch. John and Colette having travelled for 3 days and nights especially to be there.


Humanists of Murcia Walk Into the New Year

And also celebrate their annual AGM

On a beautifully clear and sunny morning, 24 intrepid Easy Ramblers assembled in the car park opposite the Bar Puente in La Majada on 14th January for the first two hour walk of 2017. Despite the brilliant sun, the bitter wind led the walkers to don almost as many fleeces, scarves, hats and gloves as they might have worn in UK.

Walkers La Majada 1Ably led by Audrey we left from the eastern side of the village, causing great excitement for the many dogs in the gardens and orchards that bordered the road. Soon we were out in open fields with distant views of the surrounding hills and down to the sea in Mazarron bay. A steady pace brought us back via the rambla and then past more orchards and greenhouses to the Bar Puente
in time for the AGM.

Officer's reports were presented and accepted, and those committee members who wished to continue were confirmed. The new Publicity Officer, Martine Smets was welcomed and finally our outgoing Chairman, John Blakey gave a short resume of the development of the group since it was started by he and his wife Rhian in 2010. The chair was then taken by the new Chairperson, Anne Edwards, who proposed a vote of thanks to John and Rhian for their sterling work in leading the group from small beginnings to it's present 60 paid up members. After the meeting was closed, Rhian offered some food for thought from the latest BHA bulletins.

We then adjourned to the dining table for the usual excellent lunch of the Bar Puente.

Boxing Day Walk

Walkers Totana 1  Boxing Day 2

Congratulations to our Totana members Rick and Carole for organising a great walk and good walking weather on 26th December.

The walk was in the foothills of the Sierra Espuñas and geared for the Easy walking group. We had 27 members, friends and visitors including  Spanish friends from Ontinyent who had just recently formed their own humanist group. There was also a good representation of visitors from the UK enjoying our beautiful seasonal weather.

At the half way stage Rhian quoted from a recent BHA article drawing attention to the problem and dangers of educating girls as seen by a certain sect of the Jewish religion. As humanists we are against such discrimination and actively campaign against such treatment.

Lunch was held at La Cruz restaurent, where Manel, one of our guests from Ontinyent outlined his plans for the future of his group.


Easy Walk to Campillo de Adentro

On Saturday December 10th, thirty walkers, accompanied by five dogs, assembled in the rambla opposite the church at La Azohia for the last easy walk of the year. One brave man wore shorts, and the rest of us debated whether or not we needed jackets until we were called to order for a prompt, well 11:06, start.

Easy Walk
Walkers to Campillo de Adentro

Ably led by Audrey, we took the left hand route up the rambla, then took the left hand turn which leads to the Pozo de Campillo ,or village well. During the refreshment stop there, Rhian told us some of the latest humanist news, including concerns about Northern Ireland´s abortion laws which breach the European convention on human rights, and the results of a recent Comres survey which showed that the vast majority of British Muslims do not support faith schools.

After this, a short walk took us to the Campillo de Adentro social centre, where preparations for the festive season were well under way, for coffee etc. The direct route from there took us back to La Azohia, and after the distribution of lemons, it was off to Isla Plana for lunch, where we were joined by several non walkers.




Easy Walking in November

The euro was at 1.16 to the pound, the sun was shining brightly and not a cloud in the sky. 32 intrepid walkers including 2 visitors from Los Alcazares as well as 5 dogs left the car park at La Colora restaurant for a 2 hour ( plus ) walk into the campo of Mazarron.

Easy Walking-November

First down the asphalt road past the Club Hipico where a horse was going through its dressage routine but no sight of a carriage. Next past the desalination pumping station where water from the Bolnuevo works is distributed around the local area. Then out into the campo and walking tracks. Down past the herd of domesticated miniature wild bore or is that perhaps an oxymoron. They soon scuttled away from us to the shade and sanctuary of some trees in the distance.

Down again into the rambla where we had a stopping point under the trees for Rhian to give us an update from a BHA bulletin on the murders in Bangladesh of bloggers who were free thinkers, humanists or any one who blogged against the majority view. We did a quick plug for the next Discussion group on 3rd Dec at El Puente in La Majada where Martine will lead a discussion on a book entitled : The Possibility of an Island.


Easy Walking - November


A final plug for the solstice meal and quiz on 21st December, then we were then back into the campo on the return leg of the walk.

The final point of interest was hectares and hectares of newly grafted mandarin trees and finally past the established apricot trees. 29 walkers and non walkers enjoyed a menu at Casa Colora.

Next Easy walk on 10th Dec in the area of Campillo de Adentro 







November Walk (Difficult)

The meeting place was the same Restaurante Casa Colora which led to some confusion and Buddy & Paco

arriving to the Easy Walk 60 minutes early and the Scottish contingent going close to Mojacar.  Twenty five

people set off up the hill.  At the top of the first hill,  the fitter lot went up to the 881m (25,000 ft) (Ed: Surely

you mean 2,500ft) Fire Lookout Point and the less fit walked round to the picnic area.  


Everyone met up at the picnic area where John B gave an up date on future Humanist activities and what is

happening in the Humanist World.  Jon gave the walkers a true history of the area involving Cartagenians and

Romans and silver & lead.  Then, it back to the cars and onwards to Los Cazadores Restaurante where

service and food were very good.

Virgen 018


The next Walk will be 17 December 2016 in the Mazarrón area, most probably at Los Rojos, near El Pareton.

Meeting place "The Bar With No Name".  Jon has to check out if it is open.  On the walk, Jon will tell you the

name of the "Bar With No Name" AND the true story of what happened at Los Rojos.



Easy Walking on Historic Railway Line in October

Thirty members and friends, and one dog, assembled opposite the El Saladillo restaurant between Mazarron and Camposol on 8th October

 Easy Walk 8th October 2016

Our route started along the side of the restaurant and then along what we all refer to as “the old railway line to Puerto,” although actually there never was a railway line, just a proposal and some preparatory diggings. Nevertheless, it has resulted in a good flat walking surface, which is duly appreciated.

The "old railway line" is scheduled for improvements by the Region of Murcia Tourist authority with more than 2 Million Euros allocated to the project. The project will create a part of the Network of Greenways of Murcia, and improvements will include provision of shaded rest areas, signage and planting of native species of plants. The railway was started in 1926 by the dictator Primo de Rivera but due to economic reasons was never completed.

For more information go to 

Eventually the more active members of the group (most of them) took a right turn into the pine woods, which gave some welcome shade The promised temperature of 26* was felt by quite a few people to have been exceeded.

We soon rejoined the rest of the group, and after a welcome break in the shade of a large pine tree, started on the return leg.

By 2:00pm we were all assembled in the La Siena restaurant in Mazarron, along with one or two non walking friends, to enjoy our Menu del Dia


October Walk


Another great walk from the Boys Down South.  Twenty-one walkers más y menos, Mike B wasn't sure with

last minute cancellations and additions.  Ray Vella appeared out of the mist.  Apparently he has been busy

with a (new) long standing "friend".  No change there then.  Eight point one miles, wide tracks, a few steep

gradients but no ravine. Mike M collected some fir cones to light the fire in the coming winter months and

Joan found a sheep's head to scare the granddaughters at Halloween.  Do Humanists believe in Halloween?

(Point to ask Rhian).


Belgians cooked up a good lunch, if you don't mind panga.  House wine was good.


Next walk 19 November 2016, Coto Fortuna,  details to follow early November. 


0945 hour start for those travelling from Totana.





March Walk


Twenty-six walkers set off from the Social Centre in El Pareton and walked both sides of an impressive rambla,

built to stop the plain flooding.  Lots of birds including a booted eagle and some blacks stilts and 3 horses.




Thanks to Pete all the walkers made it back to the Social Centre and it was off to Restaurante Maria Josafa,

across town, where Maria took charge of everything, all for 12€.




February Walk


The people who cancelled before the walk (late builders, airport runs and Yellow Wind Alerts) missed a pleasant

walk in fairly strong winds that was amazingly uneventful.  The two Mikes did not get lost, nobody fell on their ass

like Paul used to, no dogs, wide path, lots of mines to fall down.  Only moment of panic was when a lady in hand

knitted socks forgot her sticks, but it was only a 30m walk back to the mine shaft to collect them.

Audrey gave us a surprise when she was seen with a cigar in her mouth but it turned out to be a chocolate biscuit.


They has even taken away the fun of crossing the river by building a bridge. (Not Mike(2) but the council).



Back to San Juan de Terroeros to Mesón Mi Cortijo for some Belgian food, eventually.  Service was a little slow but

generally the food was of good quality, even though Barrie moaned about the lack of salad and had trouble

explaining what tap water in a jug looked like - free!  And Joan did not like gravy on her cheesy pork dish.  And

John W ate ALL the mushrooms and more and more.  It seems he likes mushrooms!!



Everything had been going fine until "Oh (having specially asked for Res. Maria Josafa), we can't come", "Nor

me","Nor us".  "We are on holiday", "Can't you change the date" etc., etc.


The happy news is that the date has been changed and it will be on the 26 March 2016.  See "Whats On".


Everyone drove off into the sunset, a Green Freelander (RHD) 500m on the wrong side of the road.



January Walk


The walk started off disastrously as the heavens (Surely, “skies”: Ed) opened the day before and it was 

decided not to do the the Rambla de Algeciras as it would be full of water.


Then there was a long cyber discussion on whether to change the meeting point/ walk/ lunch etc. After consulting

with the Alhama de Murcia Cycle Club (Vegetarian Section), it was decided to walk along the canal path.

The cancellations started. Jon (Stitches), Avril (Lost in IKEA), Jan (Black eye), Barrie (No wife), 3 people from

Almeria (No border documents) and finally Bernice had too many G&Ts the night before. That was what Jim said.

But in the end, 20 walkers turned up at La Taberna de Lucia in Librilla and began walking.  It was decided to go

up the hill straight to the Mirador overlooking the Embalse – The Blue Lagoon.


There Rhian did a spiel about Humanists business and John read out Jon’s “facts” about the date “16 January”.

Some people pointed out his mistake on “Columbus sailed the ocean blue….” and most people were not interested

in Cymru Fydd (Wales’ first independence party).


No further information was reported on the reminder of the walk, but the consensus reckoned it was most




The lunch was in Restaurante Lo Pagan on the edge of the A-7, where 22 people sat down to lunch. It was not as

good a meal as November 2014, a little rushed and not a great choice, although to be fair, the staff were confused

by Vincent’s eventual choice of main course. Lots of red wine that’s the main thing.


The next walk will be in Almeria Province, led by Mike², if they can agree a date and route, and the March walk will

be, by special request of Mike Lee, the Rambla beside El Pareton and the meal in Restaurante Maria Josafa.




First Walk of the Season 2017

Twenty-six walkers arrived at the Social Club at Isla Plana to walk to La Azohia and back. There were 3 new people, Pat, John W (not Wisner) and Carmen from The Puerto. Paco & Buddy were late.

The forecast of rain did not materialise and so it was a pleasant 3-hour stroll. Jon phoned Mike B to stop, whenever the procession got too long, controlled a steady pace. The Torre Santa Elena was open for a change and the brave climbed the winding stairs. The return leg stretched out but everyone managed to enter Restaurante Juan Chara before 2 pm.

A good meal was had by all, served by friendly faces. Only 12€ including tip. The next walk will be on Saturday, 14 October at San Juan de Terreros and will also follow the coast.