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First Walk of the Season 2017

Twenty-six walkers arrived at the Social Club at Isla Plana to walk to La Azohia and back. There were 3 new people, Pat, John W (not Wisner) and Carmen from The Puerto. Paco & Buddy were late.

The forecast of rain did not materialise and so it was a pleasant 3-hour stroll. Jon phoned Mike B to stop, whenever the procession got too long, controlled a steady pace. The Torre Santa Elena was open for a change and the brave climbed the winding stairs.

The return leg stretched out but everyone managed to enter Restaurante Juan Chara before 2 pm.

A good meal was had by all, served by friendly faces. Only 12€ including tip. The next walk will be on Saturday, 14 October at San Juan de Terreros and will also follow the coast.


Almeria Walk - April 2017

Twenty-two walkers and 3 dogs arrived at Café Meson Pepa. Buddy & Paco claimed they were early but they had no time stamp verified by a San Juan magistrate. Mike and Mary were last.

Then the leaders drove off at breakneck speed, passing the fountain with no water, towards Pulpi. Luckily there were no German campervans convoys to disrupt the drive. After 20 roundabouts and a mountain, the start of the walk was in sight.Mirador1

The route followed a wide path littered with giant stones up a steep hill. Only 4 walkers slipped on the stones including the Welsh gentleman who fell “gracefully”, according to the Belgian lady (not Martine).

There was a great view from the mirador and lots of flowers (not as many as in Murcia) and Mike L found a tortoise for Jim to photograph.
He was moving faster than some of the walkers.

Honorary walker makes us all look fast

It was a good walk, good weather, great scenery, pleasant people and a lot of talking some of it interesting. “I carried 50 kilo across the Brecon Beacons”, “My load was 80 kilos and a rifle with no strap”, “I had 120 kilos on my back and I pull a howitzer with a rope between my teeth”. There were 10 from Murcia and 12 from Almeria.

The lunch was in the Belgian restaurante (no relation to either Martine or the Belgian lady). Usual stuff, everyone got what they ordered eventually due to the attention of Mike and Mary, although the wine supply was not overly generous. Thanks to Liam for supplementary supplies. The Scottish lady may have had a hangover on Sunday?

Final Easy Walk of the Season

On a perfect April morning, 15 members met up at El Saladillo Church and set off on the last Easy Walk of the season.

We took the motorway underpass and walked along the road to a ruined windmill.  Soon we were in the campo - so pretty with poppies!

saladillo 005

A long downhill took us towards the rambla, where several pairs of Stilts were noisily courting and nest building.

Returning by way of the Hot Springs, we observed the Saturday morning golfers trundling around the course in their buggies. Not nearly so elegant as those Stilts!

This delightful stroll in the campo was followed by lunch at La Siena in Mazarron.  Hope to see you all next season.

Humanists of Murcia March Walk


The Notorious (Noisy and Nice) Nine set off from La Siena towards the hills behind Mazarrón, only to stop at Mazarrón Cemetery for Joan to pop in and buy a niche. Under the autopista, AP-7, and the walk started in earnest. Three records were set on this walk. The fewest number of walkers, Paco and Buddy arriving 3 minutes early and Paco and Buddy LEADING the walk, oh, and the highest number of decibels (Ed: That’s four records?).

It was a beautiful day, the track climbed steadily upwards, but with flat sections to catch one’s breath, and the flowers were fantastic. The views weren’t bad either. Two hours and forty minutes later and the cars appeared at the top of the last incline. A frantic phone call to Barrie to let him know lunch would be early. Time for a cerveza before sitting down for lunch and Barrie and Jan screeched into the car park. Barrie broke the bank by paying 2.10€ for the toll.

La Siena filled plate after plate with salad, entremeses (Great Manchego) and strange croquetas. The owner kept saying “No tenemos prizas” and “Tranquila”, so we stayed until 10 pm. They even served chupitos, all for 12€.

Serious Walkers - January Walk

There were 24 walkers when “The Roundabout Kings” (Mike & Allan) finally joined the group just off the main Aguilas to Lorca road. The board track meandered its way up into the hills passed a scattering of large private houses and friendly packs of dogs.

At the top of the climb, there were spectacular views down the coast, but the walkers did not stay long as the wind was icy. The walk continued on and down through an area that had been a reserve but had been bulldozed flat. A water hole for animals was half filled in.

A good walk in a new area, thanks to Mike². Then it was back to Venta San Felipe for a different kind of lunch. No choice. Great salad which is not always the case these days, chicken noodle soup, pork or chicken, (Joan said Jim ate all the pork?), not enough fried fish and, at last, a choice of puddings. All for 10€. Oh yes, Mary and the Septic Tanks arrived for lunch. John and Colette having travelled for 3 days and nights especially to be there.