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November Walk (Difficult)

The meeting place was the same Restaurante Casa Colora which led to some confusion and Buddy & Paco

arriving to the Easy Walk 60 minutes early and the Scottish contingent going close to Mojacar.  Twenty five

people set off up the hill.  At the top of the first hill,  the fitter lot went up to the 881m (25,000 ft) (Ed: Surely

you mean 2,500ft) Fire Lookout Point and the less fit walked round to the picnic area.  


Everyone met up at the picnic area where John B gave an up date on future Humanist activities and what is

happening in the Humanist World.  Jon gave the walkers a true history of the area involving Cartagenians and

Romans and silver & lead.  Then, it back to the cars and onwards to Los Cazadores Restaurante where

service and food were very good.

Virgen 018


The next Walk will be 17 December 2016 in the Mazarrón area, most probably at Los Rojos, near El Pareton.

Meeting place "The Bar With No Name".  Jon has to check out if it is open.  On the walk, Jon will tell you the

name of the "Bar With No Name" AND the true story of what happened at Los Rojos.



Easy Walking on Historic Railway Line in October

Thirty members and friends, and one dog, assembled opposite the El Saladillo restaurant between Mazarron and Camposol on 8th October

 Easy Walk 8th October 2016

Our route started along the side of the restaurant and then along what we all refer to as “the old railway line to Puerto,” although actually there never was a railway line, just a proposal and some preparatory diggings. Nevertheless, it has resulted in a good flat walking surface, which is duly appreciated.

The "old railway line" is scheduled for improvements by the Region of Murcia Tourist authority with more than 2 Million Euros allocated to the project. The project will create a part of the Network of Greenways of Murcia, and improvements will include provision of shaded rest areas, signage and planting of native species of plants. The railway was started in 1926 by the dictator Primo de Rivera but due to economic reasons was never completed.

For more information go to 

Eventually the more active members of the group (most of them) took a right turn into the pine woods, which gave some welcome shade The promised temperature of 26* was felt by quite a few people to have been exceeded.

We soon rejoined the rest of the group, and after a welcome break in the shade of a large pine tree, started on the return leg.

By 2:00pm we were all assembled in the La Siena restaurant in Mazarron, along with one or two non walking friends, to enjoy our Menu del Dia