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October Walk


Another great walk from the Boys Down South.  Twenty-one walkers más y menos, Mike B wasn't sure with

last minute cancellations and additions.  Ray Vella appeared out of the mist.  Apparently he has been busy

with a (new) long standing "friend".  No change there then.  Eight point one miles, wide tracks, a few steep

gradients but no ravine. Mike M collected some fir cones to light the fire in the coming winter months and

Joan found a sheep's head to scare the granddaughters at Halloween.  Do Humanists believe in Halloween?

(Point to ask Rhian).


Belgians cooked up a good lunch, if you don't mind panga.  House wine was good.


Next walk 19 November 2016, Coto Fortuna,  details to follow early November. 


0945 hour start for those travelling from Totana.





March Walk


Twenty-six walkers set off from the Social Centre in El Pareton and walked both sides of an impressive rambla,

built to stop the plain flooding.  Lots of birds including a booted eagle and some blacks stilts and 3 horses.




Thanks to Pete all the walkers made it back to the Social Centre and it was off to Restaurante Maria Josafa,

across town, where Maria took charge of everything, all for 12€.




February Walk


The people who cancelled before the walk (late builders, airport runs and Yellow Wind Alerts) missed a pleasant

walk in fairly strong winds that was amazingly uneventful.  The two Mikes did not get lost, nobody fell on their ass

like Paul used to, no dogs, wide path, lots of mines to fall down.  Only moment of panic was when a lady in hand

knitted socks forgot her sticks, but it was only a 30m walk back to the mine shaft to collect them.

Audrey gave us a surprise when she was seen with a cigar in her mouth but it turned out to be a chocolate biscuit.


They has even taken away the fun of crossing the river by building a bridge. (Not Mike(2) but the council).



Back to San Juan de Terroeros to Mesón Mi Cortijo for some Belgian food, eventually.  Service was a little slow but

generally the food was of good quality, even though Barrie moaned about the lack of salad and had trouble

explaining what tap water in a jug looked like - free!  And Joan did not like gravy on her cheesy pork dish.  And

John W ate ALL the mushrooms and more and more.  It seems he likes mushrooms!!



Everything had been going fine until "Oh (having specially asked for Res. Maria Josafa), we can't come", "Nor

me","Nor us".  "We are on holiday", "Can't you change the date" etc., etc.


The happy news is that the date has been changed and it will be on the 26 March 2016.  See "Whats On".


Everyone drove off into the sunset, a Green Freelander (RHD) 500m on the wrong side of the road.