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January Walk


The walk started off disastrously as the heavens (Surely, “skies”: Ed) opened the day before and it was 

decided not to do the the Rambla de Algeciras as it would be full of water.


Then there was a long cyber discussion on whether to change the meeting point/ walk/ lunch etc. After consulting

with the Alhama de Murcia Cycle Club (Vegetarian Section), it was decided to walk along the canal path.

The cancellations started. Jon (Stitches), Avril (Lost in IKEA), Jan (Black eye), Barrie (No wife), 3 people from

Almeria (No border documents) and finally Bernice had too many G&Ts the night before. That was what Jim said.

But in the end, 20 walkers turned up at La Taberna de Lucia in Librilla and began walking.  It was decided to go

up the hill straight to the Mirador overlooking the Embalse – The Blue Lagoon.


There Rhian did a spiel about Humanists business and John read out Jon’s “facts” about the date “16 January”.

Some people pointed out his mistake on “Columbus sailed the ocean blue….” and most people were not interested

in Cymru Fydd (Wales’ first independence party).


No further information was reported on the reminder of the walk, but the consensus reckoned it was most




The lunch was in Restaurante Lo Pagan on the edge of the A-7, where 22 people sat down to lunch. It was not as

good a meal as November 2014, a little rushed and not a great choice, although to be fair, the staff were confused

by Vincent’s eventual choice of main course. Lots of red wine that’s the main thing.


The next walk will be in Almeria Province, led by Mike², if they can agree a date and route, and the March walk will

be, by special request of Mike Lee, the Rambla beside El Pareton and the meal in Restaurante Maria Josafa.




First Walk of the Season 2017

Twenty-six walkers arrived at the Social Club at Isla Plana to walk to La Azohia and back. There were 3 new people, Pat, John W (not Wisner) and Carmen from The Puerto. Paco & Buddy were late.

The forecast of rain did not materialise and so it was a pleasant 3-hour stroll. Jon phoned Mike B to stop, whenever the procession got too long, controlled a steady pace. The Torre Santa Elena was open for a change and the brave climbed the winding stairs. The return leg stretched out but everyone managed to enter Restaurante Juan Chara before 2 pm.

A good meal was had by all, served by friendly faces. Only 12€ including tip. The next walk will be on Saturday, 14 October at San Juan de Terreros and will also follow the coast.